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Aidlab Biotechnologies Co., Ltd was founded by Returnee Overseas Students in 2009. The company is located in Tsinghua Science Park·Zicheng Pioneer Park in Beijing,the most famous Chinese High-Tech area. Our team comprises of a large group of experienced scientists and promising marketing specialists.

Main products include extraction and purification products of nucleic acid; PCR and RT-PCR ; DNA marker; T vector and cloning kits ; protein reagents; protein expression and purification for medical or research use. Based on consistent R & D investement, we established a standardized manufacturing program and a comprehensive quality assurance model for large-sale production of reagents for life science. We guarantee to provide a series of products with stable performance and high-quality for research worldwide.

Our platforms and services:
  • Extraction of nucleic acids from general and tough samples, including human, animals, plants, microbes, soil, stool, etc.
  • PCR, RT-PCR and Real-time PCR .
  • T vector and cloning service.
  • Western blot .
  • Large scale production of endotoxin free plasmids or general plasmids.
  • Expression,fermentation, purification of proteins for research use or medical use.
  • Oligo synthesis or Sequencing services. 

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