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Plasmid is the nucleus of eukaryotic cells or prokaryotic nucleoid outer capable of genetic unit independent replication, is a small molecule DNA a ring inside the cell, as one has its own replication origins of replication unit independent of cell main chromosome. Plasmid vector is indispensable tool in molecular biology. Plasmid Extraction of high quality is a reliable guarantee for the smooth progress of the downstream test. Plasmid extraction process, due to the autolysis of gram negative bacteria or other causes of failure, will release toxic lipopolysaccharide, from its cell wall that endotoxin, affecting the efficiency of transfection, we provide transfection Plasmid Extraction service. The service price Service number extraction quantity price cycle 100ug $ 1-2 weeks 200ug $ 1-2 weeks Service content Plasmids were extracted according to customers samples, can extract 5-200ug plasmid, and by measuring the OD value of plasmid purity detection. After the extraction of plasmid can be used for transfection, endotoxin level of <0.1E.U./μ G. According to the demand of downstream experiments, we also provide general Plasmid Extraction and ultra pure Plasmid Extraction service. Service advantage The OD value determination of plasmid purity, ensure that the OD260/OD280 in 1.7-2.0. RNA and genomic DNA were below the detection level, good uniformity of plasmid. ·endotoxin level of <0.1E.U./μ g, is essential for high quality transfection experiment. Sample required Please provide samples of≥ 100ng or plasmid containing plasmids objective strain, in order to meet the agarose gel electrophoresis detection and transformation. The final product ·plasmid ( 1.7 ≤ OD260/OD280 ≤2 ), preservation of strains; ·complete experimental report: Electrophoresis picture, determination of the od. Service description If you provide the plasmid copy number is low ( 1ml culture extract <1μ g ), the cost of experiment to increase additional. We provide ampicillin, kanamycin and chloramphenicol antibiotics; use of other antibiotics, need you to provide the working concentration of antibiotics and antibiotic. If the need for plasmid identification ( such as enzyme digestion identification, PCR identification and sequencing etc.), please provide identification method, the cost of additional charge. Plasmid client sent was identified as non-target plasmid, identification of costs incurred will be charged.
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